November 20-24, 2014 | Las Vegas, Nevada | $4,000

Erotic Dominance

3 Day Total Immersion Intensive

Thank you for taking the time to watch The 3 Pillars of Dominance.
If you have not watched them yet. STOP! Go back and watch them.

I have given you the 3 Pillars of Dominance. Now I get to ask you a question.

What do you want?

If you did the exercises you should have an idea of this. It might not be a crystal clear picture yet. Discovering your wants is an ongoing process. If you’ve never done it before it might take a few weeks of writing, reflecting, refining, and actually living them out to establish your baseline. Respect the process and continue to discover.

The question I want you to answer, is do you want more of this dominance thing we’ve been exploring? If the answer is yes, continue reading. If the answer is no, why are you still here?

The 3 Pillars of Dominance are the alphabet/grammar of Dominance. Without them you can’t do anything. With them, you can do anything. Without them you can’t understand anything. You can’t read signs. You can’t read books. You can’t read people. If you try to understand things anyways, you’ll be confused and frustrated.

This is why we start with the 3 Pillars and why I hammer them into people who are looking for dominance. Within the container of knowing what you want, being able to feel into your partners, and being willing to go further than your partners you can create amazing things. If you fall outside of that container, you will be lost.

What do you want?

If the answer is to be more dominant, whatever that may mean for you. I want you to come to my workshop.

The fastest way I know to learn something is by doing it. By rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands very dirty and practicing it. This is what I am offering you.

I’m going to take a moment to rant about the self help industry. Indulge me for a moment.

I have a very real love/hate relationship with the “self help” community. I honestly believe that a lot of what is out there is SHIT! There are some companies out there that are having a good impact on people and deliver a LOT of content. Some that actually works. My friends are proof! But there is a lot of bull shit. Dare I say, more bullshit than quality content? I do.

Overwhelmingly these workshops, courses, bootcamps, whatever they are calling them, are designed to sell you the next one. They are not to really designed help you take control of your life. They are designed to fill your head with a LOT of information all at once, so that you feel like you are getting value AND, to put you into trance while you’re in attendance.

Once you leave, without proper direction, It all goes poof! You’re left with a Dopamine/Endorphin high which has you feeling great while you’re there, but when you get back to your real life, nothing happens. There is really no permanent change.

The workshop/self help industry have created a culture of people I call Course Junkies.

A course junkie is someone who takes course after course looking for the next fix! The next right thing to say. The next right reframe. The next Guru that will tell them what to do or how to BE. The next popular/Ideal/holy/ transformed/fill in the blank Guru with the “right way to do blank” or the “right answers” and the MOST IMPORTANT part: A really good marketing campaign.

However, when that guru falls out of favor, disappoints them, or accidentally acts like a human being and makes a mistake. The course junkie bails on them and goes looking for the next one.

I am not a guru. I do not have a clever marketing campaign. I put this website together using WordPress and my very limited computer skills. I am not a great writer (or even good). I made my video’s using a camera and the wall behind me at my home.

My marketing is appearing at events that my friends invite me to speak at. That’s it.

I am not a guru. I will not be your guru. That is not a responsibility I am willing to take on. I am simply an expert at using a set of tools to do a specific job.

I was trained by experts how to not cut myself and to read blueprints so that I could build the castle to spec.

I practiced, practiced, practiced.

I became a master of dominance on my own at what I do after putting in the effort, day after day, week after week, year after year. I passed the 10,000 hour mark many years ago.

I want to teach you this very specific set of skills.

I want to show you these tools. I want to teach you their purpose and the the best technique for employing them.

I want to show you how to use them properly, safely, and for maximum desired effect. I will guide you through achieving proficiency with these tools throughout the workshop.

I will provide for you a safe place to practice using them. I will provide you with multiple beautiful women to practice using them on.

These women will be giving you proper feedback on how you are actually doing so that you can adjust yourself and hone your skills. You will practice with multiple different girls and have immediate, sometimes brutal feedback from high caliber women. They will not B.S you if you’re sucking at the current tool, which is to your advantage. They will rate you and give you feedback and we’ll practice and improve in the moment.

You will get enough Lab Time to experiment and make mistakes. Then I will help you learn from those mistakes. You will get a chance to practice the technique over and over again until you are proficient. Then I will help you to develop your own style of doing things.

I want to do this one time.

My vision is this. When you leave the event you go into the “real world” and confidently know you have enough skill that when you do use these tools it’s not just practice, it is your path to becoming a master of dominance!

What I am offering is this:


I want to pause and clarify. This is not the live version of the 3 Pillars of Dominance. It’s not the advanced course. It is Erotic Dominance.

What is the difference?

Allow me to passive aggressively answer that. What is the difference between the alphabet and great works of literature? They contain the same pieces. The latter just uses each piece a lot more times and arranges them in a very specific way to create something amazing.

This is what we’re doing with Erotic Dominance.

Erotic Dominance? I keep saying it. What does that mean?

Erotic – Arousing or satisfying sexual desire. To arouse sexual desire.
Dominance – Power and influence over others. The condition of being dominant.

Erotic Dominance is about sex. It’s about creating turn on. It’s about generating sensuality between you and your partner. Flirtation. Power. Creating an opportunity for her to surrender to her innermost desires . It’s about a passion for pleasure. It’s about balance of power between Masculinity & Femininity. It’s about increasing the depth of connection between you and your partners. Seduction. Intention. Commitment. Mastery.

Deep down it’s about, “Being a Better Man on the Fucking Planet!”

I will teach you the tools of dominance. The physical parts, the psychological parts that keep her wanting more. The fantasy creation parts.  Most importantly, I will help you to learn your own personal styles of dominance.


In the 3 day intensive you will learn:

  • What makes a good Dom. What makes a good fantasy. What will keep her wanting to play and explore more. What will have her wanting to try new things?
  • Communication: This is a master class on communication. How to say what you want. How to make sure other people understand what you’re saying. How to speak clearly. How to hear what other people are saying on a deeper level.
  • Negotiation the boring way, because you need the basics. Then how to do sexy negotiations. Playful, flirty, fun negotiations that will help her to relax and share more with you than she normally would.
  • Consent: How to get it. What to do when you loose it. How to get it back. How to get it from anyone that you want.
  • Safety: You are the one who is responsible for her well being. You will know how to do things right the first time so you don’t make simple mistakes that could ruin your chances at having the life you want. Don’t break your toys!
  • Your 4 personal styles of Dominance. These will allow you to access your skills and prowess when it comes to powerfully taking control and leading her down into the depths of fantasy and sexual tension.
  • How to design a fantasy for your woman that pushes all her fantasy buttons in just the right way and literally makes her realize that no guy could ever satisfy her the way you do.
  • How to spank.
  • How to paddle.
  • How to use a flogger.
  • How to choke.
  • How to pull hair.
  • Rope Bondage.
  • How to be dominant in every area of your life, not only sex.

The only way this all really works. The Women!

I could show you everything. The correct ways to do and be, just like in the videos only more hands on and it will NEVER be as good, without the women in the room to practice on.

These beautiful, wonderful women are what takes the workshop from some intellectual conversation to full immersion!

They will help you become skilled at Erotic Dominance. They are here for you not only to practice on, but to give you real time feedback on what you’re doing. You will make mistakes with them and they will help you fix it through repetition and practice. They will help you be the man they need you to be in order for them to feel safe enough to trust you. Safe enough to do the things they normally would not do.

This 3 day intensive will be the one place on earth where you will be able to play and learn by practicing with several different women. They are there to support you in getting the outcome you want. You will be able to try lots of different things that you may have wanted to try but haven’t ever had the opportunity to. This will be a space for you to try anything that you can get their consent for,

This is a safe container. Everyone at the event will agree to confidentiality.

As always, it all comes back to my favorite question… What do you want?

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Is there anything more that you need to know in order to make a commitment? If so, keep reading to get the full event schedule, feedback from past participants, and my own personal story.

Ok so let’s get into logistics., there are only 15 spots total for the entire 3 day intensive. This is being held at a private mansion in Las Vegas where there is room for 15 guys. I also just don’t want more than 15 guys in the class. More than 15 goes from personal and intimate, with lots of 1 on 1 time and turns into more of a lecture format and has a lot of distractions. 15 is the perfect number for this event.

This is Your Opportunity to Take Control of Your Life

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Some Student Feedback



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Erotic Dominance 3 Day Intensive

Outline & Schedule

Dates: Thursday, November 20 – Monday 24 2014.

Travel: The airport code is LAS if you are flying. We will pick you up from the airport. Arrive before 6pm on Thursday if possible. Depart anytime on Monday.

Accommodations: You will be staying at the mansion that we’ve rented for the event. 2 meals supplied (Breakfast & Dinner)


Thursday Schedule

Arrive, orientation, put your stuff in your room.
Discuss Questionnaire, Answer Questions.
Go over “House Standards”.
Sign Paperwork.
Meet other participants.
Group Dinner 9pm


8:30 am: Breakfast
10 am: Hard Start

  • Meet the women.

Topics for Friday:


What the women DO consent to. What the women DO NOT consent to.


  • What they are.
  • What they are not.
  • What the women’s boundaries are.
  • How to respect them.
  • How to play with them.
  • How to use them to your advantage.


  • What to do when you encounter one.
  • How to respect her No and still be in control.

What Makes Good Dominance

What Makes A Good Fantasy

How To Create A Safe Container Anywhere, Anytime.

What Do You Want To Create?

Set The Container For The Weekend.


  • Basic styles and tactics of negotiation.
  • Formal and informal negotiation.
  • Sexy, playful negotiation.


  • Why they are dangerous.
  • How to use them properly.

Sex And Dominance

  • What makes something erotic?
  • How to keep it sexy?

How to hold space as the dom:

  • Intention
  • Giving Permission
  • Acceptance
  • Emotional Reactions
  • How to be firm and sexy.
  • How to not be a douche bag.

Polarity Play: Tension Building.


  • Why it is important.
  • How to establish it.
  • How to maintain it.


  • Responsibility.
  • Body mechanics.
  • Signs of physical or mental duress.
  • How to respond to an emergency.
  • Toy safety.
  • How to be safe with rope.
  • How to be safe with restraints.
  • How to be safe using a blindfold.
  • How to be safe using a gag.

Working lunch served at convenience.
Dinner break at convenience.
10pm Hard Stop


8:30am Breakfast
10am Hard Start


Who are you?

  • Identity vs Ego
  • Shadow vs Ego
  • Identity and Shame
  • Shadow and Shame
  • Darkness vs Light
  • Shadow + Identity

Italian Commedia Dell’Arte

  • Pantalone
  • Il Dottore
  • El Capitan
  • Scarramuccia


  • Permission
  • Tools
  • Pretend vs Real
  • Ownership of Identity

Safe Container Primer

4 Dominant Styles

The Magic Formula

Edge Play


Turn On


Technique, Safety, Eroticism with:

  • Spanking
  • Flogging
  • Paddling
  • Crop
  • Choking
  • Practical Bondage
  • Rope

Working lunch served at our convenience.
Dinner break at convenience.
10pm Hard Stop


8:30am Breakfast
10am Hard Start

Topics Covered:


  • The elements of GREAT fantasies
  • Realms
  • Purpose

Tie it all together.

Seriously on Sunday we are going to be doing Fantasy Drills ALL DAY LONG. The word Fantasy will take on an entirely new meaning to you.

Lunch & Dinner breaks at convenience.

10pm Hard Stop.


Departure day. We are required to be off premises by noon.

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How I got into Dominance

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